The Importance of Gut Health

by Megan Reed

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the importance of gut healthImmune system health is more important than ever, with the CDC stating 6 in 10 people have a chronic disease process, whereas 4 in 10 have two or more chronic diseases (1).  With so much sickness, it has many people asking why is this happening and what can we do about it? With 70-80% of immune cells being in your gut (2) it would make sense for us to pay more attention to what we eat and how our gut responds to stress, environmental and toxic exposures. Studies have shown a direct relationship between the gut microbiome and the innate immune system (3). What does this mean exactly?  In layman terms, it tells us what we do, whether that be how we react to stress, eat processed foods, take an overabundance of antibiotics, not drink enough water, etc., affects our immune system. 

When certain things trigger our gut microbial composition, this leads to inflammation, dysbiosis or intestinal permeability, among other chronic conditions. These conditions are closely related to obesity, type two diabetes, and other inflammatory bowel diseases (3). Supporting a healthy gut microbiome is attainable for everyone, but not everyone knows the importance of gut health or how to begin that journey. 

There are multiple labs that can be ran along with stress management techniques to help you heal naturally and to start feeling and living, your best. At Wholesome Health, we will create a food plan, implement multi-strain probiotics to help reboot your gut health and do an abundance of teaching to help you heal from the inside out, to name just a few modalities. 

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your health goals.